Can't find any video postprocessing settings

Latest OSMC on a raspberry pi 3b. I have a number of lower quality videos that could use some post processing (old media box does this well, but the interface is very clunky). I see reference to post processing as a setting before, but can’t actually find any settings for it with the current July build. Has this been removed, or is there a way to get it working? Thank you.

I believe the post processing setting is hardware dependant. The option is not on my Pi either, but it is an option in Kodi on my Windows 10 laptop.

There are some additional options that come up in the Video menu in the OSD if you turn off hardware acceleration - but obviously turning off hardware acceleration is only a viable option for standard-definition videos. I’m not sure if any of those would be useful…?

Thanks for the replies, I tried turning off both omxplayer and MMAL acceleration, but didn’t see any extra options in the settings menu or the osd while playing a video. Is there another place I should be looking?

Aaarrrgghh, ignore me, sorry, I got the Pi and Vero 4K UIs mixed up. :man_facepalming: