Can't find home directory

Ok, so something happened with one of my rpi’s and it would boot anymore. At one point all I could see was “recovering journal” now it doesn’t even try to boot. I have a few files in the /home/osmc/ dir I’d like to salvage.

First I started to look in the ext partition and couldn’t find it, so I did a ddrescue of the SD card, moved the image to another drive, did a fsck, all went without errors. I can now see and browse/read a lot of files and folders but can’t seem to find the /home dir. Where am I not looking?


Here’s the root of the ext partition, I have checked the ‘root’ folder aswell as searched for the file, no luck

Unfortunately, it looks like when your SD card failed, you lost /home. There probably isn’t much you can do at this point to recover it. That’s why backups are important :wink:

You could try one of the ext2/3/4 file recovery tools.

Ok… Hehe, what are the odds… Yeah, next time around I’ll be sure to make regular backups.

I’ll try an ext recovery like suggested, thanks!