Can't find .kodi directory

I’m trying to fix a PlexKodiConnect probelm with Croneter, the dev of that add-on. He wants me to grab some files from the kodi directory via WinSCP, but it’s not showing the .kodi directory He sent to an old page,, but this seems outdated. I found show hidden files under Media > General, and enabled it, but it still doesn’t show up.

Please advise.

Never mind, I found the setting in preferences in WinSCP to show hidden files. Still, it seems that the instructions to show hidden files for the Vero are outdated, and it took a bit of digging to find the current location of that setting. Needs updating.

Please feel free to improve the page if you are able


Like this? Exploring Kodi file locations

I don’t know what I’m doing–I just want to watch my movies…:slightly_smiling_face:

And that did nothing to change this page that started the discussion:

Like I said, I don’t know anything.

Updated now. Will take some time before changes are populated.

Thank you.

It won’t show up for about 6 hours at least, depending on your browser cache.