Can't find music visualizations on Vero 4k+

Hello fabulous people,

I see in the the “what’s new” blog post about the October update:

Added Shadertoy, Waveform and Spectrum screensavers

This is exciting news! Also, I saw in some follow-up discussion that those add-ons were causing issues on RPi and were temporarily disabled, but AFAIK that only affected users on the RPi platform.

My issue is that I can’t seem to figure out how to install/enable any of them on my Vero 4k+. Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

  • Manually check for update, confirm system is fully updated already.
  • Reboot, just in case it might dislodge something.
  • Under Settings → Interface → Screensaver, hit “get more”. This takes me to a list with various photo slideshow and fancy clock screensavers, but none of the above-mentioned three are there.
  • In that same Screensaver page, verify that the “use visualization when music playing” option is enabled. I don’t see any option here to select, add, or configure any visualizations.
  • In the add-on browser, do a search for shadertoy… Nothing. Likewise waveform and spectrum.

From the release notes, I got the impression that these add-ons (visualizations?/screensavers?) are now available in the official, default repositories. Is that correct?

I’m sure I’m missing something here, and I suspect I’m going to be embarrassed at how obvious it is, but… help?


They should be installed already but need enabling. I remember there were some issues where they weren’t appearing properly however.


I don’t own a Vero so excuse me if I get something wrong here, but some (most?) of the add-on screens only show what is currently installed AND enabled. If you go to the add-ons section in settings and then click on “My add-ons” then that list will display all installed add-ons, both enabled and disabled. You should be able to find what your looking for there and if you bring up the settings menu for the ones you want there is a “enable” option.

@darwindesign: I didn’t know about that screen; thanks! Sadly none of the three I’m looking for appear there either, though it does list a bunch of addons I hadn’t seen elsewhere.

@sam_nazarko: So is there any sort of fix or workaround to get them to appear? Or info I can provide to help debug the issue? I’m an experienced Linux user and I’m quite happy to ssh in and dig around in logs and config files, but that will be much easier going if I have some idea where to start looking.

It’s on my list – I’ll take a look in a few days.


Awesome, thanks!

Let me know if I can help by providing any logs or copies of config files or whatnot.

Is there already any solution to this problem? As I have exactly the same problem.
No music visualizations are be found anywhere. Not in the installed, not activated add-ons, neither in any of the official add-on repositories.

We are still having some difficulties building them, but hope to solve this soon (within a few weeks)

This took a lot longer than expected to resolve, and a lot was reworked in OSMC to finally facilitiate this. This is now supported with Kodi v19. You can find test builds for that here: [TESTING] Kodi v19 builds for Vero 4K / 4K +.

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