Can't get 4k to work

I bought a black friday vero4k.
I connected it to my avr and set the resolution to 2160p@60. I used the included cable. It initially worked. The output stopped working after a few minutes.
Presuming the cable between my reciever and the TV was bad i connected the vero4k directly to the tv.
This still doesn’t work.
Ive tried:
Turning completely powering off tv and vero4k then:

  1. power on vero, wait a while for it to boot. Then power on tv. -> no image.
  2. power on tv, wait for it to boot. -> no image
    Using different ports. The one im’m using now is the HDMI4/ARC port which works with my pc @4k.
    I’ve also tried the built in problem solver in my tv, that didn’t change anything at all.

Neither of these results in an image.
What do i do ?
I can’t seem to find a way to boot with lower res/reset it. Do i have to completely reinstall it ?

My tv is a : Sony KD-55X8507C.
My avr is a Marantz 7010.
The Tv gets the name “Kodi” on the input.
4k works with my pc trough the reciever.

The default resolution of Kodi is 1080. It’ll change the resolution for videos but Kodi’s resolution is 1080.

yep, i changed it to 2160p. i presumed i needed to do that to view 4k content.

So can you now see the Kodi interface?

You do not. This is only relevant to the Kodi GUI. 4k videos will still be output at 4k. Try reverting the setting to 1080.

No. Sorry, i wan’t specific enough. I get no picture at all, the screen is entirely black. (except for the tv displaying “HDMI4/ARC” and “NO IMAGE”).

Can i reset the resolution somehow ? I don’t see the GUI. My screen is completely black.

Did you try connecting straight to the TV and avoid the Marantz?

yes, first thing i did.

Are you familiar with using the command line in linux?

Do you see Please Stand By when the device is turning on?
Is the light on the front of the unit blue?

For 4K content, you should keep the GUI at 1080p and enable Adjust Refresh Rate.

Somewhat. SSH it not enabled on the box.


Duly noted.

If you have a USB keyboard and hold CTRL during boot, you may be able to get to a console.
Then I’d do rm -rf /home/osmc/.kodi. This will cause Kodi to recreate all settings on first-run.

Failing that, a reinstall is the easiest option and will only take 2-3 mins.

Thanks for the super fast support :slight_smile:
I’ll report back.


Pressing ctrl on boot didn’t show the console.
I connected it to a computer monitor where it displayed the standard linux boot screen. But the screen was flickering, and the boot never completed. It just looped.
After trying and failing several times with the micro sd cards from my pi’s, i finally succeded in reinstalling with a usb stick.
After booting i had blue flickering lines all over the screen.

In conclusion: it seems my problem from the onset was the included cable was broken/bad.
The longer cables i bought does not seem to support 2160p either, correct?

Do you have any tips regarding getting plex to stream without transcoding? And displaying files in HDR/10bit.

The included cable and OSMC cable should both support a 4K resolution.

Something seems wrong here. Is Vero 4K plugged directly in to the wall?

Can you enable ssh and upload a set of logs?

We should resolve this before proceeding any further


Weird, it sure doesn’t for me :confused:

It was when i flashed the image and tested with the computer monitor. It’s now in a powerstrip.
The voltage is 224V RMS.
It’s connected to ethernet.

I’ll look at this sometime in the weekend. I’ve been ordered to leave “good enough” alone for now :wink:

For the record:
It’s now connected with the HDMI-cable i previously used for my pi. It’s outputting 4k bt.2020 video now.
The video ought to be 10 bit, but the AVR claims to get 8 bit. The TV does recognize it as HDR.
It works directly in the TV and through the amplifier.
I’ve applied the cache settings mentioned here:

I could understand one bad cable in the box. It’s going to happen to someone occasionally. But if you also bought a 2M HDMI cable from our Store then the odds are quite unlikely.

I remember your order specifically as it’s tough to fit the extra cable in the box.

Try direct temporarily.

Next update, I’m adding an Enable HDR setting for TVs that don’t advertise their capabilities automatically.
For now, you could put in /etc/rc.local before exit 0:

echo ‘444,10bit’ > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr


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That works! Thanks!

I got three 2m cables. They were quite tight :D. Thanks for the fast shipping by the way.

It’s from when i tried to play a video with 5.1 sound.
So i enabled debug logging - and i’ve gotten a bit farther in the debuging process.
I’ve been fiddling with the audio devices, when audio is set to “optimized” i get distortion i my sub and left rear speaker when starting something with 5.1 or more channels of sound.
“Best match” just seems to work.
“Fixed” shows no video.

Unfortunately it’s not a full set of logs so hard to speculate. Re: audio issues, try this hotfix: