Can't get GPIO IR Receiver Working

I just purchased a new TSOP 4838 IR receiver which I’ve connected to my Raspberry Pi 2 like this. I have an HP RC6 remote that looks like this (and a Harmony One as well)

I’ve tested several different methods from this forum plus other links I’ve found, nothing has worked. I’m currently using a fresh install updated to OSMC 2016.02-1

No matter what I do I’ve never been able to get mode2 to output anything at all. My first guess is that this IR receiver isn’t working or the Pi doesn’t see it. Any suggestions on how to test this?

Here is my log:

Have you gone into MyOSMC>Remotes and selected the RC6 profile?

I don’t know what you have tried but definetly you did enable it in MyOSMC -> Pi Config -> Hardware Support.
As it is not activated in your config.txt. After activating it you need to reboot.

====================== Pi config =================== Ul2H1CLu

Did you disable the lirc service first ? You can’t do any testing with mode2 or use irrecord without stopping lirc:

sudo systemctl stop lircd_helper@lirc0

What is “Tried everything” because it should work “out of the box” by selecting RC6 in MyOSMC If you’ve tried following various tutorials and installed things then it’s best to start over with a clean install. After a fresh install go to MyOSMC>Remotes and select the RC6 profile, nothing more.

As instructed, fresh install, selected RC6 profile, still no response from the remote. Here’s the log:

Tried this as well, no luck.

Is your IR receiver connected to pin 17/18?
Have you verified there are IR lights coming from the remote?

It’s connected exactly like this:

Yes I have a USB IR receiver connected to a PC which works with the remote without issue.

Can you tell if the Pi even “sees” the receiver?

First run sudo kill $(pidof lircd)
then run the mode 2 commands to see if you get any response. Double check that you wired the receiver correctly.

You may have a bad receiver (TSOP)

I’ve ordered a new receiver from a different source. I’ll let you know what happens when it arrives.

Thanks for your assistance thus far!

I received the new IR receiver, connected it and its working perfectly. Turns out the old sensor was bad.

Thanks for your assistance.

Cool, just because something is new doesn’t mean it’s good