Can't get past blue splash screen

Everything was working fine. Switched the vero4k from HDMI2 to HDMI1 on the same display. Now no number of reboots gets beyond the blue splash screen.

Here are the logs: Can’t say that anything leaps out to me, looks like I should be seeing the UI, but it never gets there since I switched inputs on the display.

I don’t see any problems with the display ID or the modes it supports, but one thing you could check is to plug it back into HDMI 2 and do another “grab-logs”. There might be something about the config of HDMI 1 that is limiting the Vero display. Comparing the video info sections on the two log files might reveal something.

Are you using MySQL?

Check IP hasn’t changed / access to the server is OK.

I wish Kodi was a bit more informative about when it can’t ping MySQL

Yes, I’m using a MySQL database, Sam, and I just installed telnet on the vero4k so that I could try telnetting to the MySQL host on port 3306, and it connected.

Let me know if you have any other ideas.

I can see that it’s not even starting mediacenter/Kodi. There’s simply nothing showing in the system log.

The system log shows that the machine was started at around 13:42 yet the Kodi log time is showing 09:38.

What’s the output from running:

systemctl status mediacenter

● mediacenter.service - media center application
Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/mediacenter.service; disabled; vendor pre
Active: inactive (dead)


sudo systemctl enable mediacenter

Sounds like it’s been disabled


You were right, Sam. I thought the only way that could happen was if I did it with a “sudo systemctl disable mediacenter” but evidently that isn’t the case.

Question: Is there anything I could hack so that I could see the terminal output when something like this happens instead of the blue-gradient OSMC splash screen? I know it won’t look as good, but it might save some time when something like this happens.

Thank you for your help!

A service doesn’t disable itself. So something has disabled it