Cant mark as watched and kodi does not find new files


As the topic reads i can right click and press mark as watched, but nothing happens. The video is not marked.
Further more kodi does not find new videos when i do an update.
3rd problem is i cant update OSMC via update in OSMC menu. The error reads as follows:
Insufficient space for update to proceed. Free some starge space and try again later.

The system only uses 13%. Ergo i have tons of free space and the update file size is very small.

I dont know what is going on, but all of this happen roughly the same time.

I have an Raspberry Pi2 and it runs kodi 15.2.

I’ve hade zero problems so far with it until a few days ago.

Can anyone think of what is wrong?

Kind regards

Your problems are indicative of filesystem corruption. Marking as watched won’t work if your database is corrupted.

Have you overclocked at all?

You should also upload a full set of logs so we can investigate


After you said my database could be corrupted, i rebooted my NAS and now its working.
The NAS had been up for a long time without a reboot.

Thx for the help Sam

Kind regards