Can't reinstall OSMC

I just changed routers, which meant my movie database was not recognised.
I redid the folder but all the previous movies are still there. Short of deleting them one by one I tried to reinstall OSMC from usb, which didn’t work so tried with an SD card, still no joy now I have.
Waiting for root filesystem device/dev/vero-nand/root’
'Fatal Error: could not find root filesystem device/dev/vero-nand/root- if this is USB install please check USB drive is connected
OSMC Initramfs Rescue Console
For help and support see https:// "
Any help would be appreciated.

Please can you take a screenshot of the contents of the SD card so we can verify you’ve imaged the card correctly?

Also worth checking you’ve downloaded the correct version for your Vero.

You nailed it Sam.
I had the wrong image.
Sorry to waste your time, all’s good.

No problem :slight_smile: