Can't screenshot on Raspberry

Hi there! I always could take a screenshot with apps for Android. I bought an iPhone and I’m using Constellation. In the beginning everything was working fine, but now all I can screenshot is the subtitle. Does anyone have a solution for this?

you could try to change in /boot/config.txt

That should allow you to take screenshots but is not a long term recommended setting.

Why? I really don’t understand much about modifying these settings!

Simple answer

Tried doing it and still nothing has changed :frowning:

Ok, was just a guess. If that didn’t work then I guess there isn’t currently a solution due to the new video pipes.

Guess I’ll have to ask them to put it back in some way. Thanks a lot for helping me!

Hi! Since last update, I can’t take any screenshot on OSMC (Raspberry 3). Tried some changes in config.txt, but didn’t solve the problem. All that appears on the screenshot is the subtitle, just like that:

I’d like to know if it will be back some time in the future or if I should just downgrade the OSMC update.

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Sorry, I didn’t want to spam! I thought that I should post it in another forum cause my question was different, though the original doubt was the same.

Sorry for the problem!

So, I returned the OSMC version to the last November. Turns out it worked :man_shrugging: