Can't see newly mounted folders

Hi all.

I have fallen at the last hurdle! I had to replace my NAS earlier in the week and having originally hooked up everything up years ago had completely forgotton how to do anything. Using the great guides on here I have managed to mount my new NAS media folder with the pi 3 and can see the folder in ‘File Manager’ and have added my new tv and movie folders.

The TV shows and Movies section is now empty, as I have removed those sources from my old NAS. However if I go to the ‘Videos’ section I can see my newly mounted files as I have been able to add them there via the NFS (my old links are still showing too) and they play normally. I can therefore access my TV shows and movies from this section but not in the main TV Shows or Movies sections. I am sure I am missing something obvious to get these sections to find the new source but I have no idea what it is!

videos>files> navigate to one of your new sources so it is highlighted, context menu>set content.

EDIT (I read your post too fast before posting my reply): File manager is completely separate from the library. You would need to add sources via videos>files or settings>media>library>videos.

Thanks for the reply.

All my movies and TV shows are showing in those locations. I’ve rescanned the library and it’s added a handful of shows and movies to the ‘TV shows’ and ‘Movies’ section but still a lot missing.

As I say I can watch them all through the files and videos section just not in the dedicated section!

Reboot twice, turn on debug logging, update your library, then upload logs via the My OSMC add-on and post the url in this thread so we can gain a bit of insight into what you have going on…

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Thanks, I’ll get on and get the logs in the next couple of days. One thing I have noticed is that the shows that have been put in the ‘TV Shows’ section are showing as having unwatched episodes. The ones that are missing are showing as 0/0 even though when you go into any of those shows there are episodes waiting to be watched and can be watched once selected.

If you have nfo files with your media then watched status will be imported as well. If you happen to have your view set to show only watched/unwatched instead of all then you’ll only see part of your media. Additionally if you happen to have nfo files then if they were originally scraped using a different source than what you have as your scraper set to now (ie TVDB vs TMDB) then that can be problematic with series as well.