Can't set Media View to Wide

Use the MySQL option.

You may also want to consider using fstab mounts instead of smb://

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last question, I promise: sharing library is only to grub Media Info such as Thumbnails, Title, Year of production. ecc…not for sharing source structure, right?

If by sharing source structure you mean having sources.xml the same on both systems, that’s actually not required. You can have sources.xml setup only on your ‘master’ system, but if you do that you can only scrape from that system. If you have sources.xml the same on both systems, you can scrape from either.

The path names MUST be the same on both systems, or you have to use Path Substitution on one of the systems.

I mean: all my file are on the NAS…I have the sources.xml I posted before on the Vero 2, I would like to share sources.xml AND the Library from Vero to Rpi. Doing this if i change something on the Vero I would like to see that change even on the Rpi, automaticcally. Is thi possibile?

This thread is going to be huge…can we switch on other channel such as Skype or something similar?

You leave the files on the NAS. You setup a MySQL database on one of your systems (the Master, probably your Vero 2, but your choice). You then set the other system to use the MySQL database as detailed in the link I gave you. All your content will then show on both systems, and when you add new content it will show on both systems after scrapping on the Master system.

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Ooooooooook…I’ll try everything…tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for everything. Very useful!

Enjoy :smiley: