Can't sign into YouTube (Pi 3B+, August release)

This may well be an add-on issue, but the same add-on on two other Kodi devices (Vero 4K+ and Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K) isn’t exhibiting the problem, so I thought it was worth checking that there isn’t something happening on the OSMC side.

I’ve gone through the process of generating some YouTube API keys. On the Vero 4K+ I’ve installed them (via the API web interface) and they work perfectly there. I’ve also copied and pasted the keys to another device in the past (Fire Stick) doing a c&p between the API web pages, and that also works perfectly.

But copying the same keys into the Pi’s API web page and then signing in gives me an error: “Client Id is incorrect. Settings - API - APi Id”. I’ve checked the API Id several times, and it’s definitely the same as the one on the Vero 4K+.

Any ideas?


Check .kodi/userdata/addon_data/ if content is correct

@anxdpanic is the YouTube add-on developer, so he probably knows if there are issues.

Hmph. Having gone into the maintenance section of the add on and deleted everything again and then re-entered the keys again, now, all of a sudden, the damn thing is working. Quite what I did the fourth time that I didn’t do any of the first three times, I have no idea. I hate it when things do that. :angry:

Well, close thread, nothing more to see here…

Experienced exactly the same in an fresh installation of OSMC with the youtube addon. Rebooting the device twice with the correct API key implemented ‘solved’ the issue.