Can't SSH, remote control or web interface

i just made 2 fresh install and i’m not able to ssh (it’s enabled) , can’t remote web (it’s enabled) or ping my pi3.

On the raspberry i’m able to ping and make update etc…

Don’t know what to do, any idea ?

Are you using the correct IP for your Pi?


Ok, strange fact , i found how to access to web interface but still no ssh or ping.
But i’m losing websocket connection every 10sec

Are you pinging the pi from a device on the same subnet?

On the pi run:


Then ping that IP - does it reply?

On the last setup screen of OSMC you can enable/disable SSH. Did you perhaps disable it?

Please post the output of ssh osmc@IP.OF.PI and ping IP.OF.PI from the computer you’re trying to get to the Pi from.


putty : Network error: Connection timed out

ssh is still enabled

Could be a wifi issue. Try connect it with a lan cable and see if you still have the same problem.

ok ethernet is working , ssh ok, same for web etc …
don’t know what to do for the wifi

Try pinging your wifi router. Does it reply?
Failing that restart wifi AP.

wifi is enabled on the pi who’s connected with ethernet and i can ssh to wifi ip .
I’m able to ping my router

Just reboot without ethernet plugged in and wifi ip is not working with ssh

Ok, disconnect the ethernet cable and reboot the pi with the wifi configured.

Try pinging the RPi from another machine and post the actual output of the ping command.