Can't start telnet

Today I tried to use telnet in a terminal window.
All I get is an error message “sudo: telnet: command not found”

Is telnet not part of the standard OSMC installation ?
Do I have to install it in addition ?

Well, telnet is really missing in the OSMC distribution.
Just installed it and everything it working well.

OSMC is a Mediacenter focused distribution so therefore it makes sense that the installed packages are focus around that.
sudo apt-get install telnet would install telnet for the people who want it

It’s not missing, it’s deliberately left out to save space and avoid bloat as it’s not something that would normally get used on a mediacenter.

Not to mention that telnet is a completely insecure protocol that was obsoleted by ssh decades ago - apart from using it for things like manually testing SMTP sessions I can’t think of a single use for it in 2016.