Can't sustain a live stream from Youtube

I have applied the latest update which went smoothly. However, I do have 3 problems with the vero 4k which may or may not be interrelated:

  1. Resuming a film causes it either to crash back to the interface or show the sad face
    2. Can’t stream anything live from youtube (like the euronews live stream) but any other non livestreamed clip plays fine [the problem described in this post]
  2. Bluetooth won’t connect to my headphones. BT implementation was always flaky, but even worse since the update

System: vero4k with the latest update
Qnap 253A NAS
wired ethernet
Sony TV connected via HDMI

I can play any youtube clips except those that are livestreamed (not sure of the correct terminology)

It has previously been working fine but now any live news channel won’t play properly and eventually crash back to the interface. example : euronews english live

To produce the log file below, i went to the youtube addon, clicked “live” and opened the first link which was some radiostation

This could be an addon problem and I did previously uninstall/reinstall the youtube addon but this hasn’t helped. Haven’t seen any other similar reports around either.

Any ideas ?

I have the same problem on my RPi 3 with twitch live streams, with or without inputstream adaptive. I’m on ethernet too, with 100mbps connection and cpu doesn’t exceed 40% of usage during live stream.
Sometimes it works well during 1 or 2 hours, and for no reason it stutters a lot and even disconnect.

Impossible to play any youtube live stream as well.