Can't take a screenshot of an HDR video

If I try to take a screenshot of an HDR video, it just comes out as vertical green stripes.

We know :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m not sure how likely it is that we will fix this use case – because secureOSMC changes will involve us restricting user’s ability to screenshot content anyway.

But why :pleading_face:

What is this secureOSMC anyway and how do I benefit from it ?

Eventually, it should allow Widevine certification, which would allow access to higher quality video on certain streaming services (e.g. 1080p with hardware decoding on Netflix).

Your device is already running it.
It’s covered in some detail on the blog posts.

It’s already used for real time operations and will have some further use in 2022 on OSMC Vero devices.

Eventually we might be able to work out if we’re in TVP mode and handle things better.