Can't timeshift TV using TVHeadend

Hi, I am using TVHeadend 4.2.7-dmo1 and although I have set up timeshifting I cannot get it to work with either of my Vero 4K+ boxes.

Logs here:

The TV will pause fine, but then un-pausing it causes it to start up again very briefly (for <1 second) before freezing with the “Buffering” indicator visible in the top right of the screen.

I have set up DVR and Timeshifting. DVR (i.e. recording) works as expected. When I record something I see a file created on the server. With timeshifting, I never see any file created in the directory. The permission as the same for both directories


Any thoughts as to what is happening?

if you expand the tvheadend log at the bottom of the web page, what (if any) messages do you get when you attempt to timeshift?

Huh, didn’t know that was there!

When I start a channel, I get the following:

2019-01-02 21:39:20.039 mpegts: 650MHz in DVB-T Network - tuning on HDHomeRun DVB-T Tuner #0 (
2019-01-02 21:39:20.039 tvhdhomerun: tuning to t8qam64:650000000
2019-01-02 21:39:20.066 subscription: 000B: “ [ kevin | Kodi Media Center ]” subscribing on channel “Dave”, weight: 150, adapter: “HDHomeRun DVB-T Tuner #0 (”, network: “DVB-T Network”, mux: “650MHz”, service: “Dave”, profile=“htsp”, hostname=“”, username=“kevin”, client=“Kodi Media Center”

When I click Pause, nothing extra is added to the log.

Sorry, scrap that. If I turn on debug output, I get the following on Pause/unpause:

2019-01-02 21:47:40.051 timeshift: ts 3 enter timeshift mode
2019-01-02 21:47:40.051 timeshift: ts 3 change speed 0
2019-01-02 21:47:40.051 htsp: [ kevin | Kodi Media Center ] - subscription speed
2019-01-02 21:47:46.055 timeshift: ts 3 change speed 100
2019-01-02 21:47:46.055 htsp: [ kevin | Kodi Media Center ] - subscription speed

Hi all, any thoughts on this?

Have you tried with the osmc version of TVH?

Hi Sam, you mean running TVHeadend server on the Vero itself? I haven’t tried this as I prefer to centralise the server (I have multiple Veros).

It reminds me, I need to try it on Kodi on my Shield to see if that behaves better. Will let you know.