Can't Update TV / Movie Library

Getting the error Cannot connect to remote server

Nothing obvious in the logs but I do see that my SD card is toast! Could that be related, as don’t think anything has changed recently.

Thanks for looking

Not sure if its from this, but you are getting a few file not found’s ( 404) on lookups from

2020-07-15 18:10:23.962 T:1790329568   ERROR: CCurlFile::Open failed with code 404 for
2020-07-15 18:10:23.962 T:1790329568   ERROR: Run: Unable to parse web site

Hi and thanks for the quick response. There were always a few files in my libraries that the scraper couldn’t match but it just used to skip over them. That Jake Bugg one being the first. Now the scraper seems to prompt on each one that can’t connect to remote server.

Have you confirmed connectivity with the server from the OSMC device?

The Pi can ping and DNS is working fine. If I try opening… link from a different device I also get a 404 error, so it clearly isn’t limited to the Pi. Seems to be an issue with the scraper URL. Weird thing is it used to just skip over the errors but now it halts and requires a yes/no to continue

I expect its related to this from theaudiodb:

NOTICE 15th July 2020: TADB is back online. Please sign up again if you were a member before.
Non Patreon supporter API keys have been disabled to keep the site sustainable.

Big upgrade is now complete, the site now runs on modern back end with new authentication system, new forum, new PHP 7.4 and MySQL 8.

All users will need to Re-register on the front end site as the encryption method changed.

Thanks for the patience during this time.

NOTE: All Free API keys have been revoked since they are pretty unsustainable. Any major project is expected to sign up on Patreon if they can to get a private key. This may effect Kodi Music scraping, Music video scraping and the Artwork Beef downloader as well as some others I probably forgot about. Sorry for this but I pay real money for the 3 dedicated servers we use each month nearly 3tb of traffic

Thanks, I should have though to check theaudiodb site. So, the solution is to use a different scraper than the default KODI universal artist / album scrapers? Or can the default be configured to exclude theaudiodb?

I think Kodi will need to update their version of the addon which has a new API key.

You should be able to use a different scraper in the meantime.