Can't view live TV with Tvheadend client 2.2.14

I have loaded the latest OSMC version (2016 02), on a Raspberry Pi 3.
This OSMC version installs: OSMC 16 + Tvheadend server 4.07 + Tvheadend client 2.2.14
I’m using an HDHomeRun Extend as a data source, and have completely configured Tvheadend including the schedules. I see the channels and the schedules in “Live TV”, but when I click on the channels it does not show the live TV.

When I restart OSMC I see a box pop up for a couple seconds that says something about a failure to connect via HTSP.
I see “There seems to be a problem with the live update feed from Tvheadend. Trying to reconnect…”
in the tvheadend system log and under the “Status”, “Connections” tab I see a red X next to HTSP.

I’ve seen some posts where people are having similar issues and there is some conjecture that the Tvheadend client 2.2.14 is expecting a newer version of Tvheadend server.

Does anybody know how to resolve this? I have tried adding the tvheadend repo and using apt-add to install the latest tvheadend but that didn’t work.

Ref: How to build a PVR in the USA using HDHomerun Extend + Raspberry Pi 3 + Kodi + Tvheadend + XMLTV + Schedulesdirect - Tvheadend

I like what OSMC is doing here and really appreciate the high level of quality in this product.

Update 3/29
DVR functionality is working great. The schedules are working, and I can record TV and play back from OSMC. The recordings look great on my HDTV. Nice! I’m amazed the tiny RP3 does all this over WiFi.
Hopefully the live TV will be fixed in an upcoming release but its not a bad problem at this time because the TV does that fine without the DVR.


Update 4/3/2016 -
OSMC pushed an update today which has fixed the issue with viewing live TV from the tvheadend client. Cool! Now I can see the option to record a show you are watching, etc.