Can't work bravia link

I’m tired to check config to controll osmc via my bravia KDL32EX300 remote controller.
I really have no idea where I shoud be checked.

I checked my Bravia get no responce from osmc, and osmc’s cec setting has been much initialised…that’s all.
(I re-install osmc for swiping all config, but this is vine effort.)
Please help me!

Try a different HDMI cable.

I’d agree with cable check. I have used 2 different (pre switch to Android) Sony TVs and both came with CEC enabled and worked very Weill with RaspBMC and OSMC.

Do you have other equipment hooked up to the TV that work via single TV remote - eg DVD/BluRay player?

Thanks for fast reply.
Cable is maybe okay because first time I checked had no problems about cec.
It is only good case, and cable isn’t disconnect since that time.
I think if only I can specify message about cec from log mesages.