Capacity of microSD slot in Vero 4k?

I haven’t been able to find a spec of the Vero 4k which states the max storage capacity of micro SD card that it can use. I’m considering buying a 128GB card, would the player handle that?


Question what you planning to use 128gb for ? like a hdd if so consider wear and tear better to get a usb disk för that then spending money of large sd cards that break after a while.

64GB microSD is the largest supported size.

At that size, possibly better to buy a good USB drive as you will get better value for money. I also find that micro SD cards are small and very easy to lose. I’d be quite gutted if I had a lot of data on one and misplaced it.

Intrigued. AFAIK if a device can read 64G it must be able to understand exFAT, which is the usual hurdle at 32G. I’d be surprised if you couldn’t use 128G, but @Toast’s warning and yours are good advice. I have 128G of media on an SD card on the RPi but it’s justs a clone of what I have on my desktop HDD.

Burned thru many SD cards in service to Sam and GMC while testing and that thought me that smaller SD cards are better and cheaper to replace :slight_smile:

SD cards have limited read and writes although its decent these days its still better to have a hdd connected.

Quite. But I kid myself if it’s just for media (write occasionally, read often) and not for eg MySQL then I will get a sensible life out of it.

exFAT is a file system and as such it’s handled by OSMC either in kernel or via FUSE (depends on the filesystem). The SD controller isn’t interested in this.

64GB is what we have tested and verified.

Thanks for the info, and the suggestions.

I was simplistically thinking that a microSD card would be very convenient as I plan to take my Vero 4K on holiday with me shortly, but it’s a very valid point that the financial cost could be high and therefore not worth it.

So I’ll take the advice of going with a USB disk instead, thanks again.

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