Cast from Android - Solved

I am trying to cast videos from my android photogallery to my pi3 running the latest kodi 18.2. Youtube casting works fine via Kore, but when i am using ES File Explorer or any other ‘casting’ app that supports LAN scanning, it cant find my pi3. However on the same network i also have a pi2 running kodi 17.6 and it can find that and cast to it as well.
I got no idea how to debug this…did something change in kodi 18 that disabled casting ? Is that the reason why it’s not finding it ? Both pi’s have OSMC and ofc all upnp etc stuff enabled.

I am not interested in casting YT videos…i got the YT app in kodi to do that. I want to easily play videos i took with my phone.

Yatse remote + yatse addon for kodi = profit

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Hi Toast, i tried Yatse as well, when i press on a video and the dialogue shows up to select a player, i select ‘Play on network’ but then again only the pi2 appears (and i dont even have yatse addon installed in it).

Edit: It works now ! Still cant find it via the network browser but i can connect to it and then it registers in the Cast button list, so it plays :slight_smile: