Cast from Vero to Chromecast?


Sorry if this has been answered before, I did a proper round of googling but couldn’t find a definitive answer.

What I would like to achieve is to cast local media (stored on my nas) from my Vero 4K to chromecast without requiring a device in the middle. I’m totally fine with initiating the stream from another device (such as over the Kodi web interface on a computer), but I would like for this device to not be needed to keep the stream alive.

I’m also totally fine with not needing any transcoding done on the vero end (I’ll simply make sure the files I want to cast are already compatible with the chromecast).

The reason being I would like to be able to cast to my beamer which has a chromecast. The vero is directly hooked up to my TV so that is all fine and dandy.

My set up:
Vero (hooked up to TV)
Nas storing all my media
Chromecast in another room hooked up to a beamer (would rather not have 20+ meters of HDMI here)

From my googling it seems there might be some options:

  • Using the built in DLNA/UPNP, I’ve enabled those under settings but cannot find a way to actually start the stream to my chromecast? (I’ve tried the kodi web interface but cannot find a “Play using” button or similar)
  • Using an external player such as GitHub - xat/castnow: commandline chromecast player, but unsure wether this would work and can be installed on the vero?
  • Installing plex server on the Vero and cast through that (seems overly complicated and I strongly prefer OSMC/Kodi over plex). Also in that case I could just install the plex server directly on my Nas.

Would be really happy if anyone had any suggestions or knew how (if at all possible) to get it working.


I think the Yatse App should be able to do that

You could try castnow after reading this:

although it’s not obvious how you would compile it

Yatse does this perfectly.

In the Yatse mobile app you tell it the IP of your Vero and Yatse then casts the music files directly from your NAS (it effectively acts as a remote control for the Vero but has Chromecast built in).

Yatse offers full control over all aspects of the Vero and is brilliant.

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@fzinken @Xanderzdad Yatse actually worked perfectly (ie. I could even turn off the phone and it kept streaming). Makes me wonder how they achieve the stream, it must use Kodi’s built in UPnP/DNLA somehow.

As it seems Yatse only initiates the stream, which then goes directly from Kodi (Vero) → Chromecast, it must be possible somehow to do this directly from the Vero UI or Kodi web interface? This would be way better for me as I don’t really use android (only had an old phone around for testing). If not it would be a great feature request :slight_smile:

Soooo… 3 years later. I’ve got pretty much the same setup as aeroform and am enjoying being able to use Yatse to send music over to my Chromecast Audio connected to a hi-fi amp.

Does anyone know if it’s become possible to initiate this from the OSMC front end in any way? Just trying to find a foolproof way of achieving this functionality without requiring an app or logging into the web interface.