I think that this isn’t a difficult task to archive if google didn’t have some specific server like apple does with airplay.

Is there any chance to see this on future releases?

If you mean to have it integrated in Kodi, you should really go to the Kodi forums.
There are… probably over 100 threads or so about this.
If you want more info, search the Kodi forums for Chromecast (specifically the feature suggestions or development threads, but also the support threads).

Though, in short; Not that easy, and something that needs to be added upstream.

well honestly I didn’t found any useful thread, if you have some guide to archeive that to link here, well, that will be helpful :smile:

Search result from google with terms ‘kodi chromecast’: kodi chromecast - Google Search

well, my idea is to cast TO xbmc, not FROM xbmc, slightly different from what the google search results are to :wink:

and you want to cast from where? If from android look for Yatse app and then you can use “send to” from for example youtube app.

from chrome from mac/pc for example :slight_smile:

if you want to cast it from website like youtube see here

It is just an example, there is probably more such solutions.

If you want to play media that you have locally on your hard drive, look for Add Video source in Kodi. You have to export (nfs) or share (windows) a directory with the video of course.

EDIT: Also see here for the official kodi wiki with reference to browser extensions

well, I was searching for something like this GitHub - andresromero/RPI-Cast: Raspberry PI ChromeCast-like server and Google Chrome extension but for osmc-xbmc-kodi

Did you try to run this rpi-cast anyway, like parallel to kodi? It uses different ports, so it suppose to work. Also systemd is available in osmc. Displaying anything is of cource another story, but I’d give it a shot if I was you.

I doubt that there is kodi plugin that will do exactly the same. Or maybe there is, anyone?

honestly I din’t have that much of python knowledge, I’m only a javascript-frontend developer :smiley:

well I don’t think that this will work OOTB, would be awesome if some XBMC/Kodi developer will build a plugin based on this (if you find some already-done plugin post here, I’ll be glad to test it out)

You should post this request on kodi forum. Such functionality has nothing to do with osmc itself.