Catching Logs During a Random Video Blackout

Hi. Friend is experiencing random video blackouts and what he describes as chipping sounds on his speakers’s tweeter.

I asked him to replace the HDMI that came with Vero to see if it fixes the problem. But if it doesn’t I plan to ask for the logs.

Can he get logs via ssh then ‘grab-logs -A’ even without enabling logs in Kodi?

Basic logs are always enabled and grab-logs -A will provide them.
But the problem might require debug logs for that case I suggest to enable debug logging without onscreen display via advancedsettings.xml

Thanks @fzinken. I’ll read up on how to do that

You can add the following to advancedsettings.xml

<loglevel hide="true">1</loglevel>

This will make debug logging persistent without the screen overlay.

Please note that this setting is something you will want to remove once your done testing as it needlessly increases writes under normal use. There is also a limit to the size of logs that can be uploaded so you may want to reboot twice at the start of your viewing sessions just to keep the size of the log down.

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Thank you very much @darwindesign! :grin:

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Good thing it was just HDMI cable problem. Solved by replacing cable.

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