Catchup TV & more add on - channels requiring widevine CDM?


System info:

Vero 4k+
Operating System: Open source Media Center 2021.08-1 (kernel: Linux 4.9.113-45-osmc)

I installed the catchup TV and more addon and while browsing through the UK list it had several channels come up with a message saying I needed to install Widevine CDM - at that point it did give me the option to install it, but not knowing what it was I said no.

Could someone tell me what widevine cdm is ? Is it OK to install ?

Also once I’d come out it came up with an message saying some channels could not be used and those channels (some of which I’d like) no longer appear on the list (even if I uninstall and then install catchup TV & more).

If widevine is ok to install could someone tell me how I can install it ? And then how I can access those channels which use it (get them back on the list) ?

Widevine is a DRM solution from Google. It’s used for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video add-ons on OSMC. Usually there is a helper add-on that facilitates its installation.

Ok. Thank you for the information.

I found something else that required Widevine and simply pressed ‘install’ when it asked if I wanted to and that seems to have worked.

As far as Catchup TV goes - -when I first installed it, it listed a bunch of channels which required Widevine, but having said I do not want to install it those channels disappeared from the list. Do you know how I can get that full list back ?

I have tried uninstalling then re-installing, but that does not seem to work and the re-install goes through very quickly suggesting that something has been cached somewhere ? Any idea how I can get rid of that cache ?

Are you comfortable with ssh? if so you could uninstall addon once more, the ssh to your device:

cd ~/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/

if you see your addon there, you could

rm -r [addonname_folder]

change [addonname_folder] to your addons folder, ex.

Did you get libwidevine install ok? Did you test it?