Hi there guys and girls

I was just wondering it you had seen significant speed improvement coming from CB2 to OSMC relating to navigation on Kodi and loading files on Kodi

Also if I create a bootable USB will I be able to also have my movies on the USB as the ATV1 only has one USB port.

Thanks for all your help


I just did the upgrade last night and can answer some of this.

I was running CB2 (with XMBC 13.2) on a USB stick as my internal HDD failed some time ago, so this is a direct comparison.

I run a fairly graphics heavy skin (Neon) and am using this skin for comparison between CB2 and OSMC.

For starters, I have found the boot time to be pretty comparable between the two platforms. I haven’t noticed much difference between the two.

For navigating between menus I have noticed a significant improvement in responsiveness (Although the first time you load Neon or other graphics intense skin you will have some sluggishness as it caches the artwork, this goes away after a while).

I found that loading 720p/1080p content tends to start up faster. There is still some initial stuttering as the stream buffers, but it appears that this is improved with OSMC.

With the jump to Kodi 15.2 many of the add-ons that previously stopped functioning now appear to be back on track. In particular the Youtube add on now works beautifully again (this is a plugin issue, not a CB vs OSMC issue.)

I think if you require extra USB storage you would be best served using a USB hub to allow for multiple devices. Just keep i mind you would be limited to the maximum throughput of the USB2 port. Personally I run my media storage off a network share to negate this requirement.

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Thanks Geekphysique