CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) app

My apologies if this is not a Vero/OSMC issue. To be honest, I have very recently posted this on the Kodi forums as well, but answers seem to be much quicker coming here.

When you run the CBC app, there are 3 choices that can be made. One of which is “Shows” which is basically just their library of TV shows. When trying to go into it, you get a message “An error has occurred and to check the logs”.

My log has been uploaded to here and I can’t really make heads or tails of it.

Can anyone help shed some light on what is going on?



You can determine if its an osmc issue, but trying the app in kodi on different platform; ie a windows pc.

From the little the log shows, it looks like an issue with the addon, so your best bet is to wait for a response on the kodi forums.

Thanks Tom.

Thank you @Tom_Doyle

I’ll wait and see what responses I get on the Kodi forums before trying to set up another test Kodi box on a PC.

To potentially help others, I’ll report back if I learn anything useful.

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