CD insertion behavior


Once a dvd/Br player has been attached to the system osmc can be set to play or rip the media at the insertion.
It could be really better to add a behavior question at the insertion
“Play or Rip”.

Kodi does not have the ability to rip Movie DVD’s or Bluray disks - only Audio CD’s.

Therefore an insertion prompt to choose Play or Rip is not possible for DVD’s or Blurays.

There is already an option to configure what you ask for audio CD’s if you check in Expert Settings->Music->Audio CD’s.


I was talking about audio CD when I said a QUESTION WHEN inserting an audio CD to choose either rip or play THIS current CD.

I know about the option, and this is exactly why I think this is not convenient.

If you just wanna listen to a CDA (for example to test it, or let you decide if you’ll keep it or whatever) the default behavior (rip in my case) is not good.
And going to options parameters is not convenient.

So, from my opinion, the better would be to let the user decide what to do with any CDs when they are inserted in the player.
It’s only a 2 buttons question " rip" or “play” ? (eventually cancel too, to do nothing).

Sorry I misunderstood what you were asking.

What you are asking for is a Kodi feature request so you are best asking the Kodi devs directly over at Kodi Community Forum - Feature Requests