CDROM audio tracks - SOLVED -


is there a way to display (and select) CDROM audio tracks in OSMC standard skin? I can play the CDROM, but it seems there is no way to show the track list.

If you toggle into the playback screen (home and the press return), there should be a triple horizontal line button when activating the OSD (press ok during when in that screen). That should open the current playlist. Should be worth a shot - no idea though whether that works with CD playback as well…

Or do you wish to open the track list of the CD before playback?

Is this from the standard OSMC skin on a Raspberry?? I can’t find it.

This is only during playback. Pressing “return” when you’re on the home screen should get you to the playback screen.

Ah, ok! So I just need to figure out how to send it a “return”, as I am using an Harmony remote…

Well, how do you go back to a previous screen normally? That’s the key I’m referring to… “Back”, if you like.

I tried the “Back” key, but it opens a left menu with just two items:

  • Rip CD audio
  • Eject tray

Sorry! You were right! I was not pressing the correct “back” button!

Now it works, thank you!

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