CDROM ripping process

Does anybody know which process is responsible for CD audio ripping?


From those links, looks like CD ripping is not really supported anymore in Kodi.

As I read it, it’s just that it hasn’t been ‘updated’ for some time.
I used it a couple of days ago (with Kodi 17.6) on a RPi3, and found I had to add an ‘encoder’ module (see 2nd link) to get mp3 files.

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I am currently ripping CDs, but it works only with FLAC enoder. I have all other encoders installed, but no way to rip in mp3 format. That’s why I asked for the involved process, so to troubleshoot it.

If you insist on getting this working, instead of taking the advice from the links I provided, then I’d suggest you take this to the Kodi forums.

As to your question, I’d guess that it runs as part of the Kodi process. You can use top or htop to monitor whats running.

Ok, I will post on kodi forums.
The links you provided are saying that no further development has been done. That doesn’t mean that I cannot improve the code by myself.

top didn’t help.
These are main processes during a CD rip:

That shows that I expected, the rip appears to run as part of Kodi.