CE (Conformité Européenne)


Would like to buy a Vero 4K, but I am wondering if it is CE (Conformité Européenne) marked? On the photos of the device I only find the FCC and China Exports mark ( https://starfishmedical.com/2017/01/02/conformite-europeenne-mark-vs-a-china-export-mark/ )



The device is CE certified and marked correctly on the device, packaging and manuals.

When we designed the label on the base of the device our designer accidentally used the China Export mark instead of the CE marking (they look very similar), but this has since been rectified.

We ship to Norway regularly BTW: you shouldn’t have to pay any customs fees as we cover this on our side. I’m sure @tor.gunnar.berland can help you with any questions about delivery etc.

Many thanks



Thank you! That sounds great! If I order a device now will it have the correct labeling on the base?


Yes, it will.

Our graphics designer has amended the label.



Thanks a lot for the prompt reply! Ordered!


The Norwegian postal service do take a while to get the Vero 4K through the customs - but no issues (besides that it took 4 days to get through customs due to the Norwegian postal service “insane” efficiency). You get it in a nice package containing everything you need to connect it as well.


By the way, tracking is lost when it leaves UK. Since Norwegian postal service refuse to make tracking public unless you pay extra (more expensive service). They however have tracking internal; it is just not possible to see it. That’s Norwegian postal service going digital for the best for their customers :wink:


The new OSMC tracking system should work end to end. You will receive the details in your dispatch email. Alternatively you can use https://my.osmc.tv/track-order/

We have access to all of our delivery partner’s APIs now which lets us see everything (airport scans etc).

We do lose tracking between customs clearance though because the item is not considered accepted until it clears customs. This is usually quite quick however.



@sam_nazarko: Are you sure those insane people in the Norwegian postal service have not found a way to block this? If it works; fantastic, but I’m skeptical by nature regarding our postal service… They seem to spend a lot of time and money making life difficult for their end users.


They are difficult for customers but not for businesses.
Your taxpayer money at work :slight_smile:




I never knew this. Very interesting and something for everyone to be aware of.
Typical shady practice from certain dodgy Chinese manufacturers.


Yes — it’s quite humorous because I was telling @simonbrunton about this when we were working on the packaging and labels etc, but he still managed to make the mistake. The difference is very subtle!