CEC action executed twice

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I have been using Raspbmc for quite a while on my RPi and I am very happy with it. Last week I got my new RPi 2 and directly tested OSMC alpha 4 on it. I let it index and scrape all my TV shows and it proved to be much faster! I can’t wait to test new alphas that will be even more adapted to it and will make use of the new CPU design.
However, just to mention a tiny thing that is nagging me since some time last year (so already on raspbmc): CEC glitches.
For every ~5th key I press on my remote the corresponding action is performed twice. Press down once will go down twice in a list and so on.
As far as searching on the net brought me I can say that it seems to be an issue of my TV set’s firmware (Panasonic), but for some reason it only occurred in more recent versions.

Of course I checked if something changed in OSMC but the issue is still there. For standard remotes there is a repeat filter already included, but for CEC protocol there is not. I am aware that are many many more pressing matters, but I just wanted to put this in, so it won’t be forgotten until there is time for these tiny things.

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I see the same problems since forever with raspbmc and a Panasonic viera TV unfortunately, so if the problem is the TV Fw I suppose it cant be fixed.

I think it can be fixed, the question is where! I know it worked fine until some time last year and I found others to have noticed this as well:
TV remote actions executed twice · Issue #13 · Pulse-Eight/libcec · GitHub

As far as I see, the discussion is now which module should be fixed:

[cec] suppress double keys within 250ms · chbmuc/xbmc@6e5822d · GitHub

I am just hoping that at some point of time this ill find its way into OSMC.

As an user of the raspbmc (pi B) and as an owner of the panasonic viera tv, I can confirm that raspbmc after kodi update got this problem.

Now with osmc and pi 2, the problem is still there.
When I press a button, it repeates but randomly, which is very annoying.

It used to work with no problems.

Same problem here on Panasonic Viera TV and OSMC on a Rbpi2
I Had the same problem on Raspbmc in the early days, then the problem went away, but the problem came again with or around the Kodi update.

Very annoying :confused:

I also have an issue on my Panasonic TV (42VT30). Instead of doing an action twice, it skips randomly so I have to press the button twice… really annoying!
I don’t have that issue with openelec or xbian.
Maybe it will get fixed in the next release (?) I read that Sam added a fix on libcec.

I also have this problem with my Panasonic TX-P37X20E.

I have the same problem, very annoying.

Just wrote in another thread, Release candidate still has CEC problems with Panasonic Viera TV - #2 by sam_nazarko