CEC action when switching from another source auto-plays video

In the Settings > System > Input > Peripherals > CEC adapter, I have the setting “Action when switching to another source” set to “Pause Playback” and it works well when I switch from my Kodi source into another one (It pauses the video if there is one playing).

However, when switching back to the Kodi source, it starts to play a paused video automatically. Almost behaving like this setting is more of a “Play/Pause Playback” on switch source.

Is there any way to make this behave as a “pause” only?


I’m not aware of any kind of user control for that and requests to change that default behavior would need to be made to the Kodi team as that isn’t something that OSMC is customizing. I would suggest to just switch the setting to stop instead of pause. Kodi should mark the playback position as long as your not at the very start or end of the video (you can adjust that percentage point where it gets marked with an advancedsettings.xml file) and you can set resume as the default select action in settings>media>videos.