CEC and skipping issues

So during all of this I was using the HDMI cable that came with the Vero and had it plugged directly into the LG C8.
I decided to put things back the way I originally had it set up Vero > 3ft 18Gbps Certified HDMI > YAS-107 Soundbar > 3ft 18Gbps Certified HDMI > LG C8 and see what’s what.
Now I can get any file to play, but with some issues.
When ever I start a video 1080p SDR or 2160p HDR, 24fps or 60fps, my TV jumps to HDMI 1 (which is my Wii U) and I have to tell it to go back to HDMI 2.
Usually one attempt works and I’m playing videos just fine.
Sometimes it keeps kicking back to HDMI 1 and I have to fight with it until it sticks to HDMI 2.
Also noted that frame skipping is very erratic.
As an example; sometimes I play the Samsung Travel with My Pet demo and it’s perfectly smooth with no skipped frames are judder/studder, other times it’s choppy and skipping frames.
Not sure why but that’s where I’m at now.

BTW, all of this was done with auto-refresh enabled.

Side note: I noticed that anything under 1080p is being sent to my TV as 1080p also now. I have some TV episodes I have ripped from DVD to h265 720x480p30 and I could have swore that my TV would report them as 480p before but is now reporting them as 1080p as if the Vero is up-scaling first instead of just sending it out to the TV to be up-scaled. Not sure if that’s related to the Oct update or not.

Here’s a link to a video I shot showing what it does:

Sorry for the poor quality, it was shot with my cellphone just sitting on my couch, but you get the idea.

That other thread is full enough, so moved these here.

For CEC, try turning all devices off (at the wall) and turning them on again. That way they will re-learn where they are in the CEC tree.

Unless you are using beta Kodi V18, anything under 1080p has always been sent at 1080p.