CEC, ARC and self TV ON and not giving ARC back issues


I have some issues with OSMC.

Connection is:
TV Philips 55PFS8109 HDMI1 => HDMI1 i HDMI2 <= Raspberry Pi2

When Pi2 with OSMC is active source both - picture, and sound - are handled by HDMI (picture on TV, sound on Soundbar).
My Pi2 is working 24/7 (I’m not turning it off)
Mostly two situations are bugging me. Both are connected with CEC/ARC I think.

  1. When I switch back from OSMC to TV, I see ARC source for 2-3sec (sometimes even hear sound from TV channel) on the soundbar, and then it showing HDMI2 as sound source (OSMC). I cannot get it back - trying to switch using soundbar remote control, but it isn’t allowing me (2-5sec ARC and go back to HDMI2)
    Log file from this situation: http://paste.osmc.io/uwejenosis

  2. When turning off TV, TV is self turning ON after few seconds to OSMC … and this time I can turn TV off, or switch to TV source without issue #1
    Log file from this situation: http://paste.osmc.io/yamiguqika

Can someone help me with this? It’s annoying situation, and as far as I remember it started around april, but I’m not 100% sure. Was hoping that few updates will fix it …

Check CEC settings in System>Input Devices> Peripherals> CEC Adapter.

My CEC settings are like this:

Enabled: On
Switch source to this device on startup: Off
Devices to power on during startup: None
Devices to power off during startup: None
Send "Inactive source" command on shutdown: ON
Put devices in standby mode when activating the screensaver: Off
Wake devices when deactivating the screensaver: Off
When the TV is switched off: Ignore
Devices to also put in standby mode: Off
Use the TV's language setting: Off
Action when switching to another source: None
Physical address (overrules HDMI port): 0
Remote button press delay before repeating (ms): 300
Remote button press repeat rate (ms): 0
Remote button press release time (ms): 0

OK - small update.
I made a backup of my osmc, and istalled clean one with default skin + Filmweb scrapper and Key Maper … it seems that now CEC/ARC is behaving normally… maybe it was a plugin fault … or multiple updates messed out…

I think that I’ll stick now to OSMC default skin - it’s not that bad :wink:

Update again … OSMC/KODI still keeps HDMI and not allowing to switch to TV ARC … when switching source to TV I see ARC for few secs and again soundbar shows HDMI2 as sound source :confused:

OSMC has no bearing on how your TV handles ARC. Especially after you changed input away from the pi.

So it seems that I need to search somewhere inside KODI …
Because it looks that after switching source I see ARC for a while and then KODI “demands” output for itself “fighting” with TV …
When I switch OFF tv, then after few sces KODI will turn it on, and switch source to itself as well :slight_smile:

Do you use cec? As a test, turn it completely off in Kodi settings and see if issues persist.

yes - I’m using CEC (Philips EasyLink) …
As far as I remember few weeks ago I’ve made such test (disable CEC in Kodi) and there was no problems then … I’ll redo this today after work and post results here.
Te funny thing is that till march or april everything was working OK … ten some update (don’t remember) broked it …

I’m waiting for Kodi 17 OSMC update (there will be new libcec I think) - maybe this will solve this issue (and may even allow to have long press noticed properly)

Checked …
After disabling CEC and restarting OSMC/Kodi there was no weird behavior … was able to switch between TV/OSMC with no issues …
Funny thing is that after re-enabling CEC, restarting KODI and TV few minutes it was ok (was able to switch, turn tv off etc) but after few whiles it started again to act weird…