CEC compatibility with LG OLED55B7V or similar new 2017 LG's TV

I have RPI2 and want to buy a new 2017 LG’S OLED Tv like the OLED55B7V model.
There is some feedback that remote CEC is fully working with this TV?

I have oled 55B7V with vero 4k and cec works fine. But lg exposes less keys to the cec interface, for instance, the num keys are not exposed to the cec interface.

Thanks for your feedback…
For the num keys are completely ignored?
I mean, if you want to input some numbers in a string (i.e. search string) you cannot?

I have a 2016 LG 49LF590V and the CEC support it’s good but not satisfactory:

  • Yeah the number keys it’s completely ignored/not works also on my…
  • You only can assign the four arrow + ok… the four colored buttons and all buttons like play stop. Apparently BACK and EXIT have same exact command.

how did you manage to make these key work ?

i have an LG 55EF950V with the magic remote an-mr600;
only the arrows works, i would like to use select, back and color buttons :slight_smile:

mmmmmmmm… for the colored buttons and for customize i have add a addiction .xml on /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/. Inside of this folder i have created this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- Tryed to Override some remote.xml value -->
<!-- stored in /usr/share/kodi/system/keymap -->

After that a restart of OSMC and the colored buttons it’s re-assigned :slight_smile:

For know if you remote buttons work you can use this workaround:
You can enable the debug log… stay at home of osmc and on remote try to press the buttons for you don’t work.
After this you can on kodi.log what’s the ID of this buttons or if this button it’s been accepted by kodi CEC.

Sorry for my bad english…

Hi. I have the same config. How did you manage the magic cursor to work with vero4k? Or even the other keys? I have vero4k official remote which works fine but since I have the new tv i just can’t put away the lg magic control remote. It would be awesome if vero4k could handle it too.

No one said that the magic cursor works with kodi. LG tv doesn’t expose the magic cursor controls to hdmi cec, so it won’t work

Ok, my bad sorry. I just wanted to ask, how could you manage the other control buttons work with vero4k? Sholud I have to change something in the magic remote to put it into another mode, cos’ none of the buttons work with vero4k in my case.

Try another hdmi cable. That happened to me and it was the cable