CEC control via Pioneer VSX-930

Hi all, I’m trying to gain control of my install of OSMC (Feb 21 2016) on an RPi 3 using my Pioneer VSX-930 amp’s remote control.

The Pi is connected directly to the amp, which then displays on a Pioneer PDP model TV.

I have control of the Pi via the TV’s remote, and it will power on/off the amp and TV on startup/shutdown as required.

Given that the TV remote is working, I presume that rules out any HDMI cable quality issues as the signal is managing to make its way back from the TV, via the amp, back to the Pi.

Everything on the amp relating to CEC is enabled, so I’m just wondering if it’s even possible to achieve this. Should I be looking at remote control profiles perhaps? That’s the only area I’ve not really investigated as frankly it confuses me.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions



The possibilities for control are limited by what the TV will pass along via CEC. First step is to explore which buttons result in something transmitted to the Pi (use debug mode, and monitor the kodi log). Next is to try key mapping to utilise any which pass CEC signals, but aren’t showing any result.
There is quite a bit of info in the kodi.tv wiki - but the amount you will have to do yourself depends on whether the remote control gives signals like any of the standard set.

What worked for me was disabling CEC. With CEC on, regardless of settings I couldn’t turn off my setup or even change the input device in the amp. Always kept switching back to the Raspberry. This started happening with when I switched to Pi3 from Pi2, fresh install.

Previously (more than a year ago) when I had a similar problem, what solved it was version update on the CEC firmware/module. I noticed the version number is very early, something like now so maybe it will sort itself out with some code by whoever does those for Debian/Osmc/Rpi.

I also have a Pioneer amp, although mine’s a different model (VSX-422), so that could be the cause of it too. Anyway, either turning on/off the Rpi whenever you want to switch to a different source or disabling the CEC peripherial is what you have to do.

Here’s the log, I deleted most of the boring stuff and mysql info.

Let me know if you need more, I suppose I should create a new topic too.

Thanks for the info, I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking for in the log though. I’ve tried disabling CEC on the TV, the amp, the Pi and all together, plus various combinations in between.

I didn’t notice anything that gave me another avenue to go down, except for after CEC has been deactivated on the Pi, I get the option to set what it is connected to (TV or Amp), once you reactivate it, this option and the option to set what HDMI input is in use disappears. From reading up this just sounds like a bug though.

I’ve tried the Pi connected into the MHL HDMI input on my amp, as there’s meant to be some special connectivity options with that but still the same.

I’ve also tried to download a .conf file for the remote and install it in the “My OSMC/remotes” section, however it does look like the only commands listed are for inputs, volume and numbers rather than any nav buttons, plus the TV remote works regardless of having a special .conf file installed so again a bit of a dead end for now…

Well, just had to re-register for the site, so obviously some time has passed since I was last trying to sort this out. I found myself at a loose end yesterday and am happy to say I finally have my Pioneer amp remote controlling OSMC.

Using cec-client via SSH I managed to establish that the input my pi is connected to wasn’t sending any IR codes, but if I held my hand in front of the remote to stop the amp changing input and selected TV, then button presses became visible in the log. So I programmed the Pi input with a Pioneer TV remote code and now it works perfectly.

There’s only one thing that could improve it, and that is to expand on the amount of keycodes available, as at the moment all I have is up/down/left/right, select and exit.

I’ve tried pressing all the other buttons on the remote but non other than the 6 mentioned above send any CEC data.

Does anyone know if there’s anything else I could try? Would there be any point me swapping the RC codes on the Pi input for some kind of set-top box for example, rather than the Pioneer TV one I currently have programmed?

Thanks for any help!

The TV/amp is what controls the keypresses sent to the Pi. No amount of configuration on the Pi can change that. It’s 100% the TV or amp that’s sending the information to cec-client.

Yes. I understand that. By trying something else I was thinking more along the lines of changing the input keymaps from a TV to a different kind of device, one that might have more configurable buttons available perhaps. Then if there are more key presses recognised by cec-client, would it be a case of creating a remote conf file to map them?