Cec-ctl on Vero 4k+ et.al

Can cec-ctl be used on the Vero? If so, how do you configure it. I loaded v4l-utils package and figured out that I need to point to aocec, but the response that I get is: “Adapter is unconfigured, please configure it first.”

You could use the cec-client tool.

Right. I do that now, but cec-ctl seems to work better.
So, I guess the answer is NO. cec-ctl is NOT supported by the Vero.

How does it work better?

I’m not sure how you can compare the tool if you can’t use it on Vero.

We will support the upstream CEC framework in the near future and deprecate AOCEC.

I’m no expert on cec-client, so I might not have found the best way to use it. In my experience, it required root privilege to use, so I had to implement a service that monitors a FIFO to get commands from user space to root space. The command structure to configure my equipment was hit and miss. Sometimes things would work and sometimes they didn’t. Also, it seems like I have to rework it from time to time because things stop working.
In addition to a number of Vero 4’s, I have OSMC running on a few Raspberry Pi’s. They don’t get used very often, but cec-client stopped working on them a while back (not sure how far back). Tx commands get an error. So, I decided to install v4l-utils and try cec-ctl. I didn’t have to spend much time with it to get it to do what I needed. As such, I thought I would explore it on the Vero as I like to have all systems set up as similar as possible. That is where I hit the roadblock.

I don’t think root should be needed, the OSMC user is part of the video group and should have permission.

osmc@osmc:~$ ls -l /dev/aocec 
crw-rw---- 1 root video 496, 0 Mar 10 14:17 /dev/aocec

Depending on the CEC commands you are sending, maybe you could use Kodi’s CEC handle to do what you want.