Cec Disabled on Vero

I have an LG UHD tv and an
Onkyo TX3030 receiver. The Vero is connected to the receiver via hdmi. Cec is needed to enable arc between the tv and receiver. I use harmony to control the system, so have disabled cec on everything else. I followed the instructions to disable cec on the Vero, but it is seizing the receiver when I change sources, which looks like the cec on the Vero may still be active to some degree. Any ideas?

After turning off the “enable” option in CEC settings a reboot of the Vero is required to have it actually turn off.

Reboot means disconnect form power and then reconnect?

No, it just means you use the power icon in Kodi to bring up the menu and tell it to restart.

If it is happening even after that you might try playing around with the device connector in the TV’s menu. LG is actually a bit of a PITA with sources.

You don’t have to disable CEC in order to use a harmony remote though. You just have to tweak the remote a bit with things like telling it individual devices are always on (if CEC is going to be doing this).

The reboot did get the disable CEC to take effect, and everything now works fine. My attempts to get irule or harmony to interwork with CEC have never worked out, so unless there is some benefit I haven’t noticed, I think I’ll say you solved my problem, declare victory, and stay with what I’ve got. Thanks.

Your welcome. Benefit (or not) is quite application specific. My living room TV uses ir exclusively as it is mainly used by a technophobe and the help button on the harmony works best with ir. In my mancave I use CEC mainly because I don’t have line of sight to my AVR. I just thought to mention it as the harmony docs all but tell you the two do not work together and the truth is they actually do, but the auto etups in the software have not been written to accommodate CEC so they have to be tweaked to get it working correctly.