CEC does not work with Philips TV


I have a RBP-2 and I am using OSMC with a Samsung LCD TV without any problem.
Recently I wanted to use the same piece of hardware with an Philips LCD TV set. There I have picture but I can not control OSMC via CEC.
I discovered that I had the enable EasyLink at he Preference menu of the TV set. Now I can see from kodi.log that OSMC can communicate with the TV. But I did not find why I can not control OSMC with the remote control of the TV set ( Philips 47PFL9703.)

Here is the log from my RBP-2 when it is connected to the Philips TV set:

Any help or suggestion is appreciated to resolve this problem!


Thank you, i thought i was going insane. I have a similar Philips TV that used to work fine with my Pi1 and Raspbmc. But with my pi2 and osmc its not. I made a similar thread and it was suggested that i had a faulty pi2…so i just quit trying.

Try this. Open a putty session and type:
tvservice -d edid.dat
Whats does it say ? If its not saying Nothing written, then attach the file here…The mods will need it.
And then also do:
tvservice -s

I’ve executed both suggested commands.

tvservice -d edid.dat

generated a dumpedid file. You can get it from the below link:

When I executed

tvservice -s

I got the below replay:

osmc@osmc2:~$ tvservice -s
state 0x12000a [HDMI CEA (31) RGB lim 16:9], 1920x1080 @ 50.00Hz, progressive

nice, a mod will probably grab this help you further.

Which mod will grab this problem further? Can you explain your ideas?

A moderator must answer this. I cant help any further, but with the file you provided he’ll be able to help you out. Just wait for someone to see this thread and they’ll take over.

Does the behavior persist if you connect directly to the TV without the onkyo involved?

EDIT: Sorry, confused a few threads here…

Actually it is permanent.
But I do not have any onkyo device/amp. here.


I’ve had the same problem. Resolved it by installing the latest OSMC update through the Kodi interface.

Hope that helps,

Dear beranmuden,

Thanks for your suggestion! I have installed the latest updated. But it did not resolve this problem for me. :frowning:
I have not experienced any changes.

I have a Philips PFS8159 and CEC/Easylink works (I currently have different CEC issues though). Is your Pi plugged into the TV or the AVR? Does the RPi come up as “Kodi” in the “sources” screen of your TV or just as “HDMI1/2/3 etc”.?