CEC (EasyLink on Philips TV) often dying

Dear friends,
I am used at using my Philips remote to control OSMC on my Vero but lately (at least a month or so) it stops working.

With my older raspberry when this happened I could regain control by using the TV’s menus and turning EasyLink (that’s how they call it) off and then on again.

Now with the Vero this does not work but if I totally unplug the TV and wait for it to turn off for good, then powering it on again, the CEC works for some time (could be days).

I’m really at a loss to understabd what even might could cause this behaviour.

Any ideas / fixes ?

Thanks a lot

PS Cannot add details since I just had a freak accident and the TV fell off its wall mount so cannot see anything.

Problem solved…

New TV incoming.

So true my friend ! :slight_smile: What a friggin freak accident and what an original way to solve a technical problem :slight_smile:

You are too optimistic. HDMI CEC instability is general problem with Vero and will not be fixed by replacement of the TV.

Hi Stas,

If you are having problems with CEC then I would suggest a forum post. I see you have one from June, but a lot has changed since then (libCEC 3.x, 4.x kernel and Kodi 15)


CEC problems (it just stops working) is not the only issues I had with Vero. So my ultimate solution for all problems altogether - put RPi back and do not use Vero at all. Time to time I switch it on to see if it became usable, but it is not.
So each time I place back RPi.
The major issue with Vero - it is TOO expensive. It costs almost 10 times the price of RPi while it has absolutelly no advantages from point of view of a dumb user like my wife for instance. That is why to my mind Vero will never reach even 10% of the RPi count used as media player.
I’m sorry to say that, but now it is clear - the current Vero will never become a success. IMHO to become a real competitor to RPi Vero should be able at least:

  • play Hi10 MKV files
  • play 3D content including 3D BD ISO images with frameburst output
  • ideal - be capable to play 4k content
  • has FULL gigabit ethernet
  • has USB 3.0 and e-SATA ports
  • can be powered via micro-USB
  • and last but not least - all the above for the price less than 100 euro. 220 euro I’ve paid for Vero is just insane.

Start a forum post with some logs, and a description of your problems, we will address them. For now, I’m not even sure what problems you are having…