Cec issue


I’m using OSMC on PI3 connected to my Philips TV.

My first issue is that when I reboot the PI3, the TV is powered on by the Pi

The 2nde, when I start my TV, the source of the TV is automatically switch on the PI.

I think it’s due to CEC commands but I don’t know where. Of course I don’t to disable CEC :grin: only this 2 features (or issues) :yum:


Of the top of my head
Settings>system>input>peripherals>cec adapter
Various settings in there

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The CEC settings on the Pi you find at settings->system->input->peripherals->CEC adapter.

But you also have to look at the TV configuration.

Ok tks, It’s in OSMC settings ?

Yes, start at the OSMC main menu.

Thanks it works fine !

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