CEC issues on LG TV

Hi, i have CEC issues since a long time with my vero 4K+. My VERO is plugged into a denon AVR and then to a lg OLED 55BX. The CEC problem is the following : there is a sort of delay when i push repetitively a button on my remote. Sometime it works well and sometimes it takes a short time something respond and then the response is a little bit crazy. It doesn’t prevent me from using my TV remote but it’s annoying.
I was happy with the last September update because these CEC bug has gone, all was working perfectly. But i understand that many others meet CEC problems so the october update put CEC as it was before september release. And my CEC bug is back…
I didn’t know the changes that was made on cec with the september update but is there a chance to have it back so it could fix my problem (again)?