CEC issues since xmas update

(All working fine before the update, no manual changes made whatsoever)

My 4k+ is now randomly turning my tv/amp on, and my normal 4ks and the 4k+ are no longer turning stuff off when they go into standby. I’ve had to switch everything off at the plug to make sure it doesn’t turn my OLED on and leave it on alll day

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Do you use the Suspend feature?
Can you try powering everything off at the mains and powering on after 5-10 minutes?

Is it possible the TV has received an update?

Only CEC change made in this update was to wake up the display when Vero is woken from standby.



Yes i meant suspend not standby sorry.

No updates to any of the TVs or any other part of the chain.

It’ll all have been off all day when i get in so i’ll observe behaviour tonight.

At the mains?


same problem here
My chain looks like this: vero <->av receiver<->samsung tv

After around 2-3 hours the tv goes on and brings on the av receiver.
Even if i switch everything off in a different hdmi channel at av receiver the vero push himself in the front after 2-3 hours and turn everything on.

edit: it’s only 30 minutes and the standby timer is set to 30 minutes

Hard to say without logs but I suspect something is waking the device from standby.

When this occurs does the red LED which is shown during standby disappear?

yes red LED is on when shutting all devices down and stays on

This is (also) happening on a TV with absolutely nothing else connected to it, no changes made of any kind other than the Dec update.

I’ve had something similar but not turning everything on. The issue I have is when I switch all my stuff on, the Vero randomly steals the input. Connected like so: Vero 4k+ <-> Yamaha RX-V3070 <-> Samsung KS9000.

I had this problem before the most recent update, and so now I’ve just disabled CEC completely on the Vero. I would have preferred to keep it active to put the Vero into Suspend mode, but stealing the input was really annoying and was mucking up my Harmony activity status.

I need to see a debug log when this happens

Can i dump you the debug after the vero turns on every device? How long is the debug or how much time i have to copy the debug text

Idealyly you turn on debug logging -> restart the vero-> replicate the issue-> Upload log-> Turn off logging

Similar issue here. Only started since the update. I don’t have an AV receiver, just got a Vero 4k+ connected directly to a Samsung UE40NU7120, and it’s been turning on while I’ve not been around.

I haven’t produced any logs yet. I’ll enable debug logging before I go to sleep tonight and hopefully will have a log file to upload in the morning.

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Got some debug message:

21:51:21.083 T:3674206976 DEBUG: CPVRTimers - Update - updating timers
21:56:21.147 T:3674206976 DEBUG: CPVRTimers - Update - updating timers
22:01:21.217 T:3674206976 DEBUG: CPVRTimers - Update - updating timers
22:06:21.291 T:3674206976 DEBUG: CPVRTimers - Update - updating timers
22:11:21.356 T:3674206976 DEBUG: CPVRTimers - Update - updating timers
22:16:20.826 T:3830166272 DEBUG: Thread JobWorker start, auto delete: true
22:16:21.426 T:3674206976 DEBUG: CPVRTimers - Update - updating timers
22:16:50.827 T:3830166272 DEBUG: Thread JobWorker 3830166272 terminating (autodelete)
22:21:21.491 T:3674206976 DEBUG: CPVRTimers - Update - updating timers
22:26:21.562 T:3674206976 DEBUG: CPVRTimers - Update - updating timers

this is one is triggering in 5 minutes steps and after 4 the vero system is booting and turn on all devices.

Same here but I only updated to latest today and after reboot CEC did not work.

Trick with device type did not help .

Powering down to wall for 10 min did not help either.

Vero 4k and Samsung TV

It was bad connection after all. Unplugged HDMI at TV side and it works now.

Just stupid coincidence that it happened at the time of update…

Got exactly the same issue (direct connection to TV, no TV updates recently).
On top of that - quite often after sleep TV think there are no source connected.
Unplug/plug HDMI (or reboot) from Vero helps.


when TV is turned ON, kodi.bin consume 80-170% CPU. HDMI cable replug not always fix the issue.

Debug log: https://pastebin.com/Qk6MaUyJ


Were the logs helpful here or are more needed?

Couldn’t find any logs from you; so assume you mean from @alk

He has only uploaded a Kodi log, and not via My OSMC; so it’s not much use.