CEC lost after power off and power on TV

Hi! Using a raspberry pi 3 and a Sony Bravia, using CEC and works fine.
When I power off TV and power on again, CEC stops working on OSMC.
If I change the TV input source and then change it back to raspberry’s input, CEC works again.
Looks like CEC works when TV sets source but not when TV powers on.
I’ve checked every option inside osmc kodi’s controllers settings.
Any idea what’s wrong here?

Try this.

Thanks, ActionA
Already tried that, but didn’t work. The problem is not exactly the same.
I still need to change input source and change back to osmc’s HDMI to get my CEC back :frowning:

Hi egrueda, ActionA.

I think it’s a known issue in libcec & already corrected by ‘opdenkamp’.

See: Kodi Wake up from tv doesn't work · Issue #309 · Pulse-Eight/libcec · GitHub

If it shares the same problem it wil be corrected in the next version (4.0.3) of libcec.

Anonym-tsk shows a YouTube-clip with the problem, isn’t it the problem you mentioned?



Thanks, Erwin1

Not sure if that’s the same source issue, as he uses a cec adapter and a windows box.
But youtube video shared looks quite the same to me.

I’ll take a look at that commit and will try to guest if that applies here, too.

That fix will be included in OSMC’s April update, so hopefully it addresses things for you.


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Great news! Thanks for the update, Sam :wink:

…and it’s fixed! Just got my OSMC updated and remote contriol via HDMI works perfect.
Thanks for the great job!

Glad to hear it.