CEC not working when second HDMI device is plugged in TV

OSMC Kodi can’t be controlled via CEC when my satellite receiver is plugged in the second HDMI slot of my TV. It works though when the receiver is powered up. But as soon as the receiver goes into standby the CEC functionality on the Raspberry disappears.

I really don’t know wether this is a problem of the Raspberry or Kodi at all. It may be the TV itself. It is a JVC LT-32V 4201. I tried every setting on the TV which has something to do with CEC and output but it does not help. Any idea?

Its the TV My Raspberry works fine using CEC and have Direct TV on the other HDMI but I had problems with VIZO with CEC my TV coming on because of my Direct TV receiver

I believe that the VIZIO TVs have a number of problems with CEC.

@schnappa Do things improve with a direct connection to the TV (bypassing the AVR)?

What is AVR? The Raspberry Pi is directly connected to the TV with a HTML cable. Or what do you mean?

I think Sam was thinking when you mentioned receiver that you have an AVR (Audio Visual Receiver) but you were talking about a Satellite receiver.