CEC not working with included HDMI cable?


I recently received and installed my Vero 4K and its working great with the exception that automatic resolution switching and CEC is not working. For the resolution switching I’ll do some research first, before asking further questions. However, for CEC I already found some information here: CEC support for VERO 4K - Update: GOT the VERO 4K but CEC NOT WORKING with SAMSUNG SUHD TV - KS8000 60'' - #16 by sniferx1

I’d just like to confirm if the included HDMI cable is in fact not CEC compatible as I’d find this rather strange. Will I need to buy another cable? What cable would you recommend?

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No, generally the included cable works with CEC (e.g. in my case) but sometimes there are problems which may be solved with other cables.
But for your case I suggest the following:

  1. Power Down (disconnect from Power) both Devices Vero and TV for 3 minutes. Then switch on TV and afterwards the Vero
  2. What Brand/Model is your TV (assuming that you have plugged in the Vero directly and not via ACR)
  3. Provide debug enabled logs so that we can check for CEC errors.