CEC on LG TV (Simplink) does not work?

I’ve got an LG TV with Simplink. I’ve enabled Simplink in my LG TV Menu, but it does not appear under Settings -> Input -> Peripherals. I’ve got no idea how to fix this?

After you enabled CEC on the TV, did you reboot the Vero?

I have had a problem with my Vizio TV where I have to switch to a different input and back to the Vero (and same with my old Pi2)

Yeah @bmillham just tried, no luck :frowning:

If you have another HDMI cable handy, try that.

Make sure your device is up to date, there were some CEC improvements after shipping

I’ve had a month worth of problems with my LG tv.

How did you connect your vero? I’ve got it working by selecting ‘computer’ and not ‘media center’ in the LG webOS selection thing. Worked right out of the box

Thanks! That solved the issue. It appears as Hdd recorder on my LG TV and everything works.
Probably can fix my logitech issue this way as well :smile: